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USA Relief Catalog - The State of Colorado
Map Specifications for the State of Colorado

Map identification:   Colorado Projection system:   Geographic / Plate Carree
Map coverage:   State of Colorado North boundary:   42 North
Image size (pixels):   10800 x 7200 pixels South boundary:   36 North
Map size at 300 dpi:   36 x 24 inches East boundary:   101 West
Map size at 100 dpi:   144 x 96 inches West boundary:   110 West
Resolution per pixel:   100 meters Scale (300 dpi):   1:1,000,000
RGB file size:   233 Mb Scale (72 dpi):   1:400,000
CMYK file size:   310 Mb Vertical interval:   100 meters
Grayscale file size:   78 Mb Vertical exaggeration:   3 times normal

Detail view of EPS Vector Map of Colorado - the land fill color is switched on.
The EPS Vector map for Colorado has 26 layers which may be individually modified or removed.
Select the Vector only EPS map of Colorado option to download this style map.


Overview of the Adobe Illustrator Vector EPS map with multiple editable layers.
Any of the 5 relief styles may be used as alternative background textures to customize this map.